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Hi, I am from Oregon, OH also known as Oregon on the Bay, I work full time as an RN with hope to semi retire and write books on saving money. I am married to Jeff for 25 years and have 3 beautiful daughters, Jessica 25, Kara 23 and Kristie 16. My main goal is to be debt free!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Living the High Life

Everyone knows how much I love looking at great places to live. I especially love the condo lifestyle. I'm not really into doing a lot of work so the condo lifestyle would fit me well. What I really don't know is whether I want go live in the outskirts or the city. I think austin downtown condos would be great. I know I would love the convenience of downtown living. How cool would it be to walk to great restaurants and shopping. I don't think I would even need a car. Besides that where would I even park it? A car would just be an added expense for me anyway.

Now if I'm dreaming big I'd love to win the lottery and look at luxury condos. What a great lifestyle that would be. I don't think it would take me long to get used to that. I've never had more than one bathroom in my entire life. See it doesn't take much to satisfy me. Surely Id be able to afford a great snappy car for for this garage. Knowing me I'd have a housekeeper. Why would I have a luxury condo and clean it myself?That would just make no sense at all.

Its fun to dream about agreat place to live if money was no object. I do love the idea of condo living. Now only if I can find an affordable one that I love.

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