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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Medical Field Can Be So Complicated

Being a nurse, I never really realized how complicated the medical system is. According to OnlineNursingSchool.net nurses can choose to specialize by setting or treatment type, by
condition, by organ or body system or by population.  I really haven't tried a lot of different areas in my career. It seems like once I found something, I found that certain safety zone and never really wanted to move out of my area. When I was a new nurse, I really wanted to work in obstetrics's, pediatrics or surgery. Its funny how that never happened. Those areas are always hard for a new nurse to get in to. I actually think that once I had a baby, I never wanted to be with screaming women! Oh maybe that was just me! My kids are great but did I really want to take care of sick kids all day and possibly return home at night to my own sick kids? Surgery, I just really didn't know about. Its definitely an area to look into if I was younger.

Being a surgical nurse would require a specialized skill. Besides all of the instruments and sterile technique I would have to know what a medical gas cylinder  and how to use it. Its bad enough that I didn't realize there were gas cartridges available for portable uses. What kind of surgical nurse would I be if I didn't even know about the gas tanks? As you can see, this would be way out of my area. My patients would hate me if they couldn't receive their Nitrous Oxide.

Nursing has changed so much in the past years and its so hard to keep up if that isn't your specialty. My best guess is I'm staying put in the area that I'm in and leaving the specialty areas to those who are already practicing in that field.

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