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Hi, I am from Oregon, OH also known as Oregon on the Bay, I work full time as an RN with hope to semi retire and write books on saving money. I am married to Jeff for 25 years and have 3 beautiful daughters, Jessica 25, Kara 23 and Kristie 16. My main goal is to be debt free!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

$10 Off $20 At Smokey Bones

Go here to get your $10 off 420 coupon at Smokey Bones. Good through April 10th!

Try Again...Vocalpoint

If you couldn't get through yesterday to get the free Pantene product, try again, the site isn't as jammed a yesterday and I got through on the first try.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scrubbing Bubbles 99 Cents After RR's

Use this $5 off coupon http://www.rightathome.com/offers/2010-03-electron-bfpfe/?sid=coupon&cid=bfpfe201003electron&rid=112043662&om_rid=B0Vsr-&om_mid=_BLsektB8GuMyWE  to get Scrubbing Bubbles power sprayer at Walgreen's this week for $2.99, then get a $2 RR! A great way to try a new product.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Three Strikes.....Er, Only Two

It was supposed to be my bargain day, a big one. I even mapped out which stores I would go to first, since they are all within a mile of each other. First to Big Lots to pick up an ad so I could price match the Biz detergent at Walmart for $2.50 and use the $3 off coupon. Good here at least they have the ad, and I am off.

Next to Kmart to get the "Free" Snuggle. First strike! The Snuggle that is 2/$5 is for 26 loads or 64oz. The coupon specifically states 32 lds (I'm thinking that's loads?) Rather than make a big scene at the register, I let this bargain slip through my fingers, lowering my head in disgust as I look at the sign posted in the window "We are not accepting the $10 off $20 coupon that was posted earlier on the Kmart site."

Next to Walmart to price match the Biz detergent for $2.50 and use my $3 off coupon. Whoosh! Strike two! They don't carry the liquid Biz detergent at my store. Rats! So I brought the Snuggle there for $3.89 and paid 89 cents.

Walgreen's, actually you are getting better for me every week. The employees are so nice at the store in Oregon on Navarre. I did 2 separate transactions. First I used my $2 Dove coupon for the shampoo . I paid $2.20 and got $4 RR. The next transaction I brought the Dove conditioner with another $2 off coupon, Betty Croker Warm Delight for $1 used a 75 cent coupon, Hall's cough drops in ad coupons and $1 off, making them free, and the Revlon false eyelashes for $5.99 and used the $5 off from the April booklet. My total was $3.67, and yes another $4 RR.

I knew you were dying to ask....but afraid to! No, the false eyelashes are for my oldest daughter when she goes out. Mine are long and beautiful enough on their own.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Free Snuggle at Kmart

I'm running to Kmart tomorrow for my Free Snuggle! It's on sale 2/$5 and I'm usubg the great $3 off coupon in today's Red Plum coupon book! (Sorry Libby, its about Kmart!) Now really do you think Kmart will have any left for me?

Beep, Beep, Look Out Toledo

Saturday Kristie got her temporary drining permit.She's 15 1/2. It's been a few years since I had to teach anyone to drive...Scarey! Teen driving doesn't come without cost though. For starters $23 for her temporary driver's license. Driving school (required in Ohio for kids under 18) $375. Of course increased auto insurance. Oh did I mention a huge medical bill for my heart attack while teaching her to drive?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Yankee Candle Coupons

http://www.yankeecandle.com/yc/images/retail/email/registrationEmailInStoreOfferCoupons.gif?sid=C5B1L3BR2S34225-2010-03-23-08-14-c-74630   $10 off $25

http://www.yankeecandle.com/yc/html/retail/Email_HTML/webCoupon_XF003A5.html    Buy 2 large candles get one free!

Friday Follow

Friday Follow

Welcome Friday Followers! Feel free to follow along on my money saving journey!
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Downtown Toledo Style

Eatting out in downtown Toledo is one of my favorite places to be. Tonight we sampled a new restaurant, Ole Taco and Tequila Bar. It just opened yesterday. We sampled the sizzling Fajitas, and I mean sizzling all the way to your table. We had the chicken and shimp. The price $11.99 each. I have to admit with the extra shells there was plenty to share. Easily a meal for 2. The chips and salsa were a little lacking. Our first baskets were cold and way too salty. The next baskets were fairly warm. The salsa does have a little zip here, but I thought it made it quite tasty.

Now on to the margaritas. Priced right at $5. The glass had to be at least 16oz, but way too much ice. I had strawberry, it was made just right, with a touch of sugar arounfd the rim. FYI pop's pricey here $2.79.

Our watress was great and even offered to take picture for us. She gets an "A' for effort but a "D" in the blurred picture skills. No complaints here. Great service. Not for the habdicapped though, restroom was located downstairs.

The weather was so nice we walked around town. Here's a place called Players, nice store front huh? Yes, downtown Toledo is coming alive, let's Go Mud Hens!

Okay, I know When I'm Outdone

Of course the baby girl did it in less than 5 minutes! She wanted a button too for her blog. Don't you just hate how smart the kids are with computers? Feel free to check her teen site, and of course her new button!

Baby Body Free Samples

http://baby-barn.com/washlotioncombosample.php     Special Offer - Try a Free Sample of our Baby Body and Hair Wash and Soft Skin Baby Lotion. Great little offer!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spaghetti Warehouse Coupon

http://www.mzd.com/sw/meatballmadnesscoupon.html   $4.99 tomorrow 3/23 only! Spaghetti and meatballs, salad and fresh bread.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Hard Earned Button

Success at last! Thanks to my 15 year daughter Kristie. Aren't kids a blessing when it comes to computer work? Be sure to grab it, we're still wiping the sweat off our brows after this one!

MySurvey Does Pay

Banner Ad   

Looking for a great survey company? Click my refferal link, I just received a $10 check this month!

April All You Coupon Review

I just received my April issue here's the coupons:
$1 off one Marie Callender's Pasta or Asian Entree
$1 one Banquet Family Size Entree
$1 off 2 Healthy Choice Steamers
$1/2 Kid Cuisine
$3 off any Neutrogena cosmetics
$3 any Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Starter (how much is this anyway?)
Free Rimmel products up to $5! (my fav!)
$2 any Lubriderm body lotion, cream or ointment
$2 any La Cross Beauty Tool $4 or more
$5 off $10 NYC products
$1 Any Colgate Total toothpaste
$2 Nivea Men's Body Wash
$2 Nivea Women's Body Wash
$1 U by Kotex product
Buy 1 Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Color product Save $3 any Sally Hansen Treatment product
$1 Sea Breeze product
$1 Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste
75 Cents Palmolive Liquid Dish Soap
$3 Osteo Bi Flex
$3 Flexa-min
$3 any Disney Marvel products
$2 any Ester-C product
60 cents 4 6oz Weight Watcher's yogurt cups
$1 any Weight Watcher's cheese item
75 cents Weight Watcher's frozen novelty packs
$1 Kellogg's All-Bran cereal
$1 Men's plus care product
$1 Jimmy Dean D-Lights Breakfast sandwich
55 cents Jimmy Dean D-Lights Breakfast Bowls
$1 Smithfield Spiral Ham
$1 Slim Jim 16 count canister
$2 2 Slim Jim 16 count canister
$1 18ct Playtex Gentle Gliude Tampons
$1 any Jarlsberg product
$1 Contessa microsteam or on the stove meals
$1 any Soft Scrub Total Bath or Total Kitchen cleaner
$1 Stouffer's Family size entree
75 cents Flavor Texas Toast Strips
50 cents Texas Toast Croutons
$1 Bestlife Buttery Spead or Spray
50 cents Mezzetta or Napa Valley Bistro
$1 Cottenelle 12 pack toilet paper
50 cents off Cottonelle Fresh wipes
$2 any Spot Shot
$1 9Lives Dry Cat Food
$1/3 9 Lives wet cat food 4 packs
$1 GE Energy Smart lighting product
$1 12oz bag Starbucks coffee
75 cents bag Eight-o-Clock coffee
$1.50 Banquet Family Size Meal
$1 any Earth Balance product
$1 The All You Eat Well Save Big Cookbook$1 A&D product

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Follow...A Little Late

Friday Follow

Better late than never, happy to be part of the Friday Follow!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

And The Winner Is....

Of course I used my usual scientific method to pick the winner (Kristie pulled it out of a box!) . The winner is Stephanie! You have 48 hrs to do so. Thanks to all who entered.

Dave Ramsey's Free Financial Peace Lesson

I will be attending the Dave Ramsey's Free Financial Peace Lesson on Sunday April 11th. I'll be sure to post the details of the lesson and also whether I can scoot out of there without being forced to attend the entire class for a fee. I'll let you know how this goes.

A great Kmart Coupon $10 off $20

Do you think we can use this great Kmart coupon with the double $2 sale coming in April? I think so if you hand them this coupon first!
Thanks http://whodoesntlovecoupons.blogspot.com/

Meijer's Super Saturday Ad

Meijer's Super Saturday Ad http://meijer.shoplocal.com/meijer/default.aspx?action=entryflash&storeref=116  I'm especially excited about:
Campbell's chicken noodle soup or tomato 3/99 cents (limit 12)
Strawberries 5lb/$5 (these are 5lb containers NOT 5 one lb containers)
Sargentos shredded cheese or string cheese 16 oz 2/$4
Plumrose bacon 16oz, 3/$5
Boneless frozen chicken breasts 40 oz  $3.99
Joy dish soap 30 oz 89 cents

House of Meats Coupon

Free one pound ground chuck with $20 purchase http://www.houseofmeats.com/couponTol.asp

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last Day For My Give-Away

Don't forget today is the last day to enter my give-away, it ends at 8pm EST http://marilynsmoneyway.blogspot.com/2010/03/nourish-your-inner-goddess-gift-pack.html  , remember you can enter everyday.

Interested In Mystery Shopping?

My friend over at http://www.myfrugalmiser.com/2010/03/making-money-mystery-shopping-can-it-be.html has been doing a great job at all of his earnings and travels at mystery shopping. Be sure to check it out! I think he's getting rich on this!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Free Oatmeal coupon

http://www.betteroats.com/taste.php  , thanks, http://frugaliciousfun.blogspot.com/

SC Johnson Does Send Out Those Gift Packs

I thought you just might like to see what they send out win you win one of their gift packs! This arrived yesterday. They have new coupons out here http://www.rightathome.com/offers/2010-03-glade/Default.aspx?1=1&sid=coupon&cid=pfe201003glade&rid=114002031&om_rid=DYf8DC&om_mid=_BLn$A4B8GcV8ZF

Cake Time!

Any time is cake time. Yesterday on the spur of the moment, Kristie and I decided to bake a cake. From our stock pile we used a boxed lemon cake mix bought for 24 cents, and canned frosting, cream cheese, 29 cents. Our eggs are free of course (if you don't know we have laying hens), a little oil and water.

What a great week day surprise for 54 cents!

Monday, March 15, 2010

$3 Off Oil of Olay Any Moisturizer Coupon

$3 Off Oil of Olay Moisturizer, fill out the brief survey and this coupon will be mailed to you https://www.thepromotionaloffer.com/oilofolay/     

She Shops, She Scores! Under $20

My fist was clenched around my only twenty in my pocket and I was able to score all this! I made 2 separate trips one to Walgreens and one to Meijer.

Walgreens first:
Colgate toothpaste $3.99, rats my coupon expired on 3/13 and the pint limit is full on the Colgate site!
3 Gorton's Shrimp bowls 75 cents each, clearanced priced from  $2.39
2 Dark Reeses peanut butter cups 49 cents each, used 2 55 cent off coupons and the in ad coupon
I also used a $3RR, my grand total OOP $3.39 (plus I scored another $4 RR)

Next Meijers: to find these great coupon match up go http://www.macombmoneysavers.com/meijer-march-14-20-2010/  Thanks!
24 pack Pepsi &5.98 (of course no coupon)
fresh whole chicken $3.74 (no coupon, but dinner tonight!)
5 Chex mix $1 used 5 50 cent coupons so free
 2 Green Giant veges and sauce $2 used 50/off 2, so $1
 2 Steamers veges $2 used 2 50 cent off coupons so free
 2 Land-O-Lakes margarine $2, used 50 cent coupon and 40 cents coupons, so 20 cents
1 Kellogg's fruit snacks $1.89, used $1.50 off from Vocal Point  
Lysol toilet bowl cleaner used 50 cents off from Smart Source $1
Betty Crocker frosting $1 used 50cent off coupon so free
2 Betty Crocker potatoes $2 used 2 40 cents off coupons , 40 cents
2 Old Orchard Healthy Balance juice $1.67 each, used 2 50 cents off, plus 2 meijermealbox coupons 17 cents each
2 Sub Lunchables 2/$3 used 2 75 cents off, and $1/2 from meijermealbox, 25 cents each
Aunt Millie's english muffins $1

My grand total $16.05! Combined $19.44 with $4 RR!

Lessons I learned at Meijer:
Always use the self checkout, it will double most coupons that state Do Not Double

Ring each Chex mix separately, they will total $0, if you use the coupons that say Do Not Double for some reason in a large order they don't

The Betty Crocker frosting coupons never seem to double (they state Do Not Double)

The Green Giant boxed veges 50/2 doesn't double , so you end up paying $1.50 for 2

Be grateful that must of you Do Not Double coupons will double at the self-check out!

Another Great Give-Away

Annie Jones is having a great Red Gold give-away http://livinglifereal.blogspot.com/2010/03/ive-struck-red-gold-and-so-can-you.html   be sure to enter!

Kmart Double $2 Rule Update

Dear Marilyn Jaegly,

Thank you for your recent correspondence. We are always interested in
hearing from our customers. We appreciate your interest in our Double
Coupon Event. We have received more complete details regarding this
upcoming promotion.

The rules for this event are as follows:

-Offer dates: 04/04-04/10

-Manufacturer Coupons up to and including $2 value will be doubled

-In-store Activation MUST BE tied to your Shop Your Way to Rewards card

-Does not include Kmart Store Coupons

-Does not include Kmart Pharmacy Store Coupons

-Limit 5 total coupons per customer per day

-First 5 coupons provided by customer will be doubled

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding the Double
Coupon Event. We appreciate your business and value you as a Sears
Holdings customer
. We certainly hope you will continue to make Sears
Holdings your choice for quality and value. 

Brooke G.
Retail Customer Care
Sears Holdings Corporation

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thanks Friday Followers

Friday Follow 
Thanks to all of the Friday Followers, I really thought I didn't do the link right, but I must have! Thanks a bunch!

Another Lever Soap Sample

New link https://secure.startsampling.com/sm/101100/captureAddress.iphtml?item=101100&source=    from Costco no membership required! Thanks http://www.swapsavers.com/

Another Great Give-Away

My friend Sluggy is having a great sweet roll give-away be sure to enter at http://simpleslug.blogspot.com/2010/03/pillsbury-sweet-rolls-giveawayends.html

Saturday, March 13, 2010

DIY Flooring.....Are We Done Yet?

Our flooring is done! I can't believe how beautiful it is. The pictures really don't do it justice. I'm so proud of hubby. If you are considering this please be aware, the pieces just don't snap together as easily as you think.

The closet was a little tricky, the wood has to be pieced together. The room has a great new feel to it. Surely an upgrade for our home
The door threshold was a little tricky too, yes we had to take the door off when we have half done. All in all our 10 by 13 room with a 3 by 5 closet cost about $400 to do.

Our tips to try before doing:
1. Make sure is subfloor is level and clean
2. Lay your boards out for about 12hrs
3. Don't skimp, buy that installation kit for $16.97, you'll need the block piece for tapping and the shimms
4. Make sure you have a good saw for board cutting
5. Take your time
6. Make sure you have plenty of these, and DH says don't let your wife help you!

$1.50 Off Oscar Meyer Bacon


Friday, March 12, 2010

Dave Ramsey: Free Financial Peace Seesion

http://www.daveramsey.com/fpu/free-lesson/ictid/fpuhf2/?ectid=cnl.extra.031210_07 Enter your info to sign up for one free session in your area. Even states, "No strings attached!"

Rebates and Surveys

This month I am waiting for the following rebates to return:
$5 Budweiser Select 55 times 2, from Meijer's catalina coupon ($10 total)
$3 Jenny-O rebate
$5 SC Johnson rebate
$15 Oil of Olay rebate
Total: $33 in rebates

Survey income last month:
$6 PineCone Research
$15 Ipsos-i-Say
Total: $21

I also received free coupons for the following items:
2 Yoplait Greek yogurt
1 Oreo Cakesters coupon
1 Oreo Golden Cookie coupon
I Kashi Go-Lean cereal coupon
1 Heluva Good product (cheese or dip)
2 Grand biscuits coupons

I won a box of great junk from my buddy Sluggy
I won a My Blog Spark Gift Package from Tammie

I also earned $10 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks! (click my link to join up!)
Search & Win
How did everyone else do this past month?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Nourish Your Inner Goddess" Gift Pack Give-Away

Give-away time! Thanks to MyBlogSparkTM and Yoplait who offered this gift pack to myself and a fellow reader.Yoplait Greek Yogurt comes in 4 different varieties Strawberry, Blueberry, Honey Vanilla and Plain.Surely there is a flavor to please all. The Gift pack includes:
2 VIP Greek Yogurt coupons *This coupon offer for a free cup of Yoplait Greek yogurt is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Tennessee
A thick wrap around bath towel
Spa supplies

VIP coupons, gift pack, information and additional gift pack to give away were all given to me from Yoplait and MyBlogSpark.
Thanks to my lovely daughter Kara for being my model! Now on to the rules (Sorry):
1. You must be a followerer to enter
2. On your entry you must enter your favorite flavor
3. Heck, you can enter everyday if you want
4. Blog about this receive 2 extra entries
5. Add me to your blogroll, 2 extra entries (if I'm already there you get the 2 also!)
6. US only please
7. Please leave an email, so I can notify you if you win
8. The give-away will end March 17th at 8pm EST
9 Good Luck!

Meijer Super Saturday Ad

http://meijer.shoplocal.com/meijer/default.aspx?action=entryflash&storeref=116 , My picks 6 packs 24 oz Pepsi 3/$7 and 87 cents red grapes.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DIY Flooring...Take 2

I just couldn't resist showing you the Redneck carpet still on the front porch. Day 3 of it sitting there!

Let's take a closer look at it. Besides carpet, there was this nasty, retro flooring put down first. Was this ever in style? Of course this too has landed on the front porch pile.

Here we're getting down to business. Menard's told us we had to take the flooring out of the box, separate it for 12 hrs.

Now it could be time for one of these...but no wait, we actually did a little work!

 We accomplished doing half of the flooring last night! The installation kit the nice man at Menard's sold us seems to have helped. Hubs has to take a break now, he's out of quarters for the "cuss" bank!

Monday, March 8, 2010

One Man's Junk, Another's Treasure

Look at the box of "Junk" I won today! No disrespect 'cause Sluggy told me to enjoy my "box of junk!" Be sure to visit her on my side bar or http://www.simpleslug.blogspot.com/ .Now back to the junk. First up, the gloves were snapped up right away. While green is not DH's favorite color, they were free. Next Kristie snagged up the Mentos all 3, and I got the Altoids. She also snapped up the Rimmel mascara.I'm sure the Glade candle and apricot face wash will be put in those Easter baskets for the big girls. Hopefully I will never have to crack open the Dulcolax (hee, hee).

Oh and by the way girls...I'll be needing some of this before we start that flooring again!

Hurry Swag Code Alert Till 8pm EST

Check the blog!

DIY Flooring...Take 1

I got this great idea, we are going to revamp this spare bedroom, er junk room into an office for me. Now shhhh don't tell hubs he has some dumb idea this will be some sort of a room for him! As you can see an empty room for me equals a junk storer!

Another pic of the great junk storer room! See it even holds the Redneck patio furniture from this summer. Plus my older daughters junk that they just don't know what to do with, but of course they have no place to store. By the way the carpet is still on my front porch (we just took the old couch off last week!). Can we be anymore Redneck?

This is the same room now empty and unpainted . Fortunately the subfloor is not bad, and we should be able to install our laminate flooring without too much trouble!

Another angle of the room. Note those register grates, wait till you see what we did with these.
Here is the room all painted and hubs starting to install the flooring....look out! After a few choice words, we started to give up. The stupid boards just wouldn't lock together like we thought. Now as usual I'm heading to Menard's for some tips and to see how wide the molding is that goes around the floor. I'm so lucky! I think this was the best for me, because DH was really frustrated with the project by now.
 Hey, but wait look at the lovely register grate we spray painted! They both came out looking like new. One of our few successes for today. The project is now on halt. The nice man at Menard's said we had to lay out the flooring for 12 hours first. This would help us lock the boards in place. Gee by then it will be Bud Light time! I think the project just got easier! Our cost breakdown so far:

The room is 10 by 13 with a 3 by 5 closet.
Laminate flooring- $185
Paint, rollers ect- $45
Spray paint- $5
Installation kit, molding, door molding -$65
Total-$300 (er so far)
Stay tuned for part 2, tonight or tomorrow!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

And the Winner Is.....

The winner of my 500th post contest is....Drumroll please....Jennifer! Of course look for her blog on my blogroll....Eastern Mom's Cents. Thanks to all that entered. My next contest will be coming soon, sponsored by My BlogSpark!

Now you know I love the scientific method of drawing a name!

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Give-Away is Closed

Thanks to all who entered my 500th post contest! Look forward to another contest soon sponsored by My Blogspark! I will announce the winner tomorrow. (I promise!)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Back....Kmart Double $2!

Thank you for your recent correspondence. We are always interested in hearing from our customers. We appreciate your interest in our double coupon event. This event is for select participating Kmart locations from 04/04/10 to 04/10/10. The store in Oregon is participating in this event.

The rules for this event are:


§ Manufacturer Coupons up to and including $2 Value –Doubled up to $2 no matter what the retail price of a single item is.

§ Offer dates: 04/04-04/10

§ Does not include Kmart Store Coupons

§ Does not include Kmart Pharmacy Store Coupons

§ Limit 5 total coupons per customer per day.

§ Store Operations: First 5 coupons provided by customer will be doubled.

Again, thank you for your interest in our Kmart Double Coupon Event. We invite you to visit any of the participating stores.


Monica W,

Retail Customer Care

Sears Holdings Corporation

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Hands

I'm feeling pretty lucky my daughter is taking cosmetology in high school. Of course she needs to practice! Today I got a great hand and arm massage along with my manicure.

So just for kicks we added a little color. I know pretty daring for me! (Hey did ya notice I ditched the Christmas table cloth?) I'm feeling really special and of course for free, but I did have to buy her the supplies!

Don't forget to enter my give-away! Remember you can enter everyday! http://marilynsmoneyway.blogspot.com/2010/02/500-post-give-away15-walmart-card.html

$10 Off $20 at Smokey Bones


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Welcome Wagon

Welcome new followers! Also be sure to check out the new editions to my blogroll. You never know, who'll be next!

Don't forget to enter my give-away http://marilynsmoneyway.blogspot.com/2010/02/500-post-give-away15-walmart-card.html

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hurry Swagbuck Code Till 9pm EST

Just check my Widget!

Did I Say Cookies?

Yes, I got my Girl Scout cookies today. The boxes sat and looked at me all day long at work, just calling my name. I thought, well heck I'll just try them...another and another....do I need to finish this story?

Don't forget to enter my give-away http://marilynsmoneyway.blogspot.com/2010/02/500-post-give-away15-walmart-card.html

House of Meats , Buy $100 get $20 free

https://www.solarstop.net/secure/houseofmeats/giftcardorderform.asp  buy $100 in gift certificates, get $20 free in certificates for use in April.

Spaghetti Warehaouse Deals

View there new specials http://www.murgent.com/users/job_link.php?job=4876-EC-100216-00&tr=d253d01&mqcid=144173185