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Hi, I am from Oregon, OH also known as Oregon on the Bay, I work full time as an RN with hope to semi retire and write books on saving money. I am married to Jeff for 25 years and have 3 beautiful daughters, Jessica 25, Kara 23 and Kristie 16. My main goal is to be debt free!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hens and Chicks out of Control

Look at my Hen & Chick plant! I have this long tower and believe it will bloom. They seem to be out of control in my planter. They come back every year and really I don't even like them. But this year I think I'm getting a surprise I think it will bloom. Will keep ya posted on the progress.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Danger in the Chicken Coup!

Now I know where all of our eggs have been going! I can't believe my DH found this in the big hens nest yesterday. I guess they are fond of fresh brown eggs too!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We Were Promised $10 Gift Cards From KFC

Remember the big hype with the KFC coupons for the free grilled chicken meals? They wouldn't take the coupons that were promised by Oprah due to the huge amount of fraud. Well, I followed the directions and mailed my printed out coupons in each separately because we were promised $10 gift cards for the coupons and the disappointment. Today I received 4 separate mailers each with a coupon for a free 2 piece grilled chicken meal (manager's choice) 2 sides a biscuit and a medium soft drink. The coupons are good from July 6th to July 20th. I knew 4 $10 gift cards would be too good to be true!

What Freebies Have You Gotten Lately?

All those great freebies out there, which ones did I actually get? In the last week I received:
Numerous free magazines

Charmin Flushables and coupon

Full size pack of Beggin Strips

2 coupons for $5 off Jennie-O ( signed up DH too!)

Sample of Head and Shoulders

Sample of Axe shampoo

Aeire's free sticky notepads and stickers (from the A list in store) 2(Kristie and me)

Free drinks from Borders (twice)

Anyone else get any great freebies?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Kool-Aide Meijer Sale

Meijer's has Kool-Aide on sale this week 10 cents each 20/$2, buy 20 and get a 5 pack of Kraft macaroni and cheese free. Now pair that with this weeks coupon from Smart Source, buy 10 and get $2 off sugar, also pair up with those great coupons we got earlier (no longer available) from www.coupons.com and I'm talking cheap if not free Kool-Aide, sugar and mac $ cheese!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh No Father's Day...What to Eat?

I've been thinking real hard about Father's Day and what to eat. My DH loves big dinners and really we have been grilling out alot so I thought me him grilling wouldn't be much of a treat. I'm planning on dinner for about 8 people, but as usual I will plan for 10. What to eat, what to eat, what to eat....?

Turkey! Yes I ventured down to the big deep freeze and found 2 frozen turkeys just waiting to be used. I started the defrost process yesterday. ( I know it ruined the surprise factor.) Since the turkeys were passed out at work a turkey was $0. A friend recently gave us a bag of potatoes that needs to be used. As usual I have celery in the fridge. It's old but will be quite acceptable for dressing. Frozen bread in the big deep freeze free for dressing, it was given to use by our neighbor.

I have a container of Grand biscuits I got for 50 cents. Too bad the garden isn't ready, I'll actually have to use 2 cans of veggies I bought in the fall green beans , I think I paid 33cents each.

I have a head of lettuce in the fridge I paid 88 cents for at Walmart, but I'm praying the lettuce in the garden will be ready. I'm planning on making "wilted lettuce" if its ready. Now honestly I have never made it, but my mom always made it when I was a kid. Fry up 2 or 3 pieces of bacon, leave the grease in, add vinegar and a little sugar to taste, pour the hot liquid over the fresh lettuce leaves. Get it wilted lettuce, really its to die for and a real summertime treat.

Well, that's the menu, I'll be feeding 8 to 10 people for what $3? What's on your menu for tomorrow?

Yes, Kate did you see my clever first time crossout? I think its so clever! Thanks!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Free "I Love Coffee" Change Purse


Garage Sales Finds

Look carefully! I know you'll be jealous. The purse is a Coach purse I actually picked up at a garage sale. It was tagged $10, but you all know I did better than that. She took $8! The great boots barely worn priced at $4, she took $3 . The 2 Areopostale polos? Priced $2 each she took a dollar each. The DVD "The Beverly Hillbillies, priced $1, she got me, I gave her the buck, it was still sealed in the originally wrapper. Don't tell the DH it's his Father's Day gift from Kristie. Yes, he does love the Beverly Hillbillies. It must be a guy thing. These were from several garage sales that were part of a large subdivision.

Now please, please let me know if you know how to tell if my new Coach purse is a fake. My heart will be broken, but I will still like you . It has real C's not G's , and it has the leather tag embossed in it with a serial number and all.

Hooray! She's Fine!

The baby girl is just fine. Only good news at the doctor's today. The lymph cells were benign (cancer-free!). Thank you for all of your prayers. God bless you. Remember the power of prayer is strong.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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Got New Chicks?

Got new chicks? Do you need a place for them to nest? Enter the giveaway at www.georgiafarmwoman.blogspot.com they actually make these nesting baoxes and are having a great giveaway with free shipping!

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http://www.malt-o-meal.com/special-offers/special-offers.php for a great 50 cent off coupon. Then go to www.meijermealbox.com to receive a coupon for buy 2 get one free! This makes the Malt-o-Meal cereal 22 cents a bag. They are on sale this week for 3/$4 making them $1.33 a piece. Besure to print out 2 coupons to receive 3 bags for 22 cents each!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Chicks Move Out!

The chicks finally upgraded to their new home. We had a shed we were only storing junk in, so we cleaned it out, so the chicks could move in. This is a picture of the inside. Lucky them they got a new water feeder $5.
This is their box of hay/straw so they can huddle together at night. They are out of the elements, but no heat. Its also inside of the shed.

This is the outdoor area the DH made for them. Yes that is nice new chicken wire...hmmm 30 foot at $1 a foot, well you can figure it out. He also cut the hole and arranged steps so they could go in and out easily.

They just look oh so happy! (but not as happy as me! Phew stinky will be gone!) Soon after summer they will be able to go in with the big girls, hens, for the winter.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Redneck Garden Thrives!...Well Sorta

My friend Paula over at www.savingmoney101.blogspot.com challenged us all to show our garden updates, of course I am always up a challenge! Here goes, part of being a redneck is planting up front vegetables instead of flowers. Here are our 3 tomato plants up front. They actually are doing well.

Next our our 3 banana (sweet) pepper plants. They would be doing alittle better if we watered more.
Now to the back. Since we have a fair amount of land (2 1/2 acres) we have several little growing areas. Now of course rednecks can't decide on where would be the best place to plant a garden! These are green beans. We planted these earlies than everything else around the first week of May. These are doing great and we are actually weeding them. Green beans soon.

Now out to the far back for the rest of the garden. Of course this area requires us to piece multiple junk hoses together and occasionally borrow hose from the neighbor to water. This area actually has chicken wire around it to keep out the rabbits. Far right more banana peppers, broccolli next (the bigger plants) and morse peppers ont the left both bell and banana.

This is a picture of one of my watermelon plants. Looks good but is a fooler, I took a close up. They need a little help.

Next are our cucumber plants. I'm a little far away and they are actually doing better than what they look. They already have flowers on them.

These are more tomato plants. They are doing ok I guess.

Here is my leaf lettuce under chicken wire to keep out the bunnies.

Here are more green beans. Not as lovely as the other beans, but I think they will hang in there.

Of course any great gardener has flowers, I had to show you some of mine. You'll see we have this mass of hens and chicks in the center that I can't get rid of. They are taking over and come back year after year. And if you looked really hard you can see my built-in pool. My great green beans are alittle past the fence. This will give you an idea of my set-up. Whew! There you have it, the redneck garden. Hope to see yors soon!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Are They Teenagers?

It seems like only yesterday the chicks were this big! This is a snapshot of the first day we got them May 6th. So small, cute and cuddly.

And here they are now with the DH. It's hard for me to believe they are the same birds in a little over a month. We long gave up our make shift bruter. We now have them in a large refridgerator cardboard box.

The best thing about it all? They are going outside on Sunday! Yeah! No more stinky chicks in the house. I'll update on how the Dh will mastermind this using little or no money. (because we have none!)

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Baby Girl is Fine!

Kara came through with flying colors, even after our big surgical delay. We were called at home and told to come in at 11:45. Surgery started at 1:30 and she was done by 2:30. The tumor was sent off to pathology for testing, but her surgeon felt that the cells did not look abnormal. Thank you Lord, will get the real results next week.

It's Starting Out Bad

Kara's surgery is today! To make matters worse her surgery was scheduled at 9:30 this morning. Of course we arrived bright and early, and on time at 7:30. We went to register and was told her surgery was bumped to 12:15. Well that went over like a ton of bricks! We were told they called on Friday and left a message. I wondering where that mystery message might be? Will update you when we get back. In case you missed it she is having a lump removed on her neck.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Should Have Listened to Bargain Becky

Remember the Furniture?
I should have listened to Bargain Becky! She left me a note telling me she had the same furniture and was unable to find cushions for it. But of course did I listen? Heck no! I too hunted high and low for the cushions Kmart, Walmart, Meijers, Menard's and about 50 garage sales, none to be had and none were affordable.
Well yesterday I couldn't believe my eyes, Meijer's had cushions on sale for 20% off plus an additional 20% off with the coupon fron Super Saturday. Mind you this was no small feat, since you could only use 1 coupon per transaction, and the coupon at the self checkout immediately blinked as soon as I used it . The cashier was very nice and seemed to know not to mess with me, I WAS doing the 3 separate transactions and she would have to stay to punch in her code with each transaction. The cushions were $29.99, the final price $20.49 after tax. (I brought 3) To me this was a large purchase, I even went home first to see if I really wanted to spend that much money on them. The more I thought about it the more I wanted them. Yes this was a want and not a true need. (we do have nice sturdy steps to sit on!) Off to Meijer's with Kristie who wanted to hide at the register.
I zoomed home and couldn't wait to put my new cushions on. By now you can see where this is heading because the furniture still has no cushions. The cushions were too small. They were long enough, but way too narrow. This whole episode could have been avoided if I would of just listened to Bargain Becky and learned from her mistake, but know Becky, I must like to learn from my own mistakes.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

When the Shorts Won't Button

I've really, really hesitated on this one, but I did a little spring cleaning. Mostly this consisted of going through old clothes and what nots. Well what not, means very, few of last years clothes are fitting.

Now I know I really can blame this on a bad year, my mother passing, my kids, heck I think if I try hard enough I can blame it on the economy! But really I feel like I have little ambition right now to lose weight. I'm tired, not sleeping well and probably and honestly still a little depressed over my mother.

So now with all that said so I just try to maintain my current weight ( I am not saying) or go back to the ol' diet grind stone? My heart is really not into it right now, but my body says give it another try. I know this is a touchy subject for all, especially for me. Any ideas?

Well, It Happens....

I hurried today to get the great Kool-Aid and sugar sale I found at Meijer's from http://www.dealwithitsimply.com/ . I came armed with my 2 coupons 50 cents off 10 packs. Kool-Aid was 20 cents a pack . The deal, or so I thought was buy 20 packs get a free Meijer 5 lb bag of sugar, well it was unadvertised and sure enough right there by the Kool-Aid was a little ticket saying buy 20 packs get a free 5lb bag of Meihjer sugar. Hurray, what a great deal. Hmmm 20 packs would be $4 minus my 2 doubled coupons $2, plus my free bag of sugar, well great deal! I always self checkout so when was finished I looked at my receipt, no free sugar, and it showed 2/40 cents off only for the Kool-Aid. Of course when I read the little ticket by the Kool-Aid I didn't see it was for a free bag of sugar on your next visit (a catalina coupon). By now I had already brought the expensive bag of Meijer sugar not on sale. When I asked about the 40 cents coupons, I did get my $1.20 extra back, the cashier said the coupon doesn't always read the right price on the Kool-Aid because they are so cheap. So once again, read your sales signs and check your receipts!

Kmart Doulbes Up to $2!

Its true at least in my area, Kmart is doubling coupons up to $2 starting Sunday! I looked at their ad, however, even enlarging it, it is too small of print for me to know if they are taking internet coupon. The last time in my area they were. Thumbing all my coupons again for the double $2 event.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Only Meijer's Today for $15

Well, I planned to hit-up Kroger for their triple coupon sale, but after frantically thumbing through all my coupons, I found I really couldn't get that many deals. Since tomorrow's payday, and my husband's check (disablity) didn't come, I took out my last $20 to go shopping. Here's what I got at Meijer's. Sorry no picture, Kara took it with her to Columbus the last couple of days.

4 bags of Chex Mix $1/1 used 4 50cents off coupons from www.coupon.com , FREE

1 1/2 lbs ground round $1.99 lb, $2.99

Betty Crocker frosting $1.50 used 50cents off from www.coupons.com 50 cents

Betty Crocker cake mix $1 (no coupon)

Shearer's potato chips $2.50 , used 35 cent on bag coupon peelie $1.80 (for DH!)

Big and Soft white bread 99 cents, no coupon

1 pace large size salsa $3.39 used a great $4 off coupon, Free

1 Pace speciality cheese sauce, $3.29, used another great $4 off coupon, FREE

Pillsbury refridgerated cookie break aparts, $2 used 35 cent cound $1.30

2 betty Croker specialty brownies 3/$5 used 50 cent off coupon $2.34

3 Pillsbury Grand Biscuits 4/$5 used 50 cent/3 $2.75

1 Meijer brand cream chees $1.25 no coupon

FYI, I did do 2 separate transactions for Chex Mix, you can only do 2 like coupons, also use the self checkout. The coupons on www.coupon.com have alot of do not double printed on them, but the self checkout will automatically double. My total bill? $14.98, no tax, all was edible. I saved $15.05 with my coupons or 50% on my grocery bill!

Unbelievable More Free VS Undies

you must type this link in by yourself it will not work if you click on it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kroger Triples Coupons!

Starts June 4th to June 7th, specifically states NO internet or electronic coupons. Look for my match ups tomorrow. Will triple up to 50 cents.

Free Lea and Perrins Sauce From Walmart



http://www.fridays.com/promos/JuneBogoCoupon.aspx This is too great og a deal to miss!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Looking for Help!

Help! My helper needs help! If your handy with the blog scene please visit or leave a message for my daughter Kristie on her blog, on the side bar http://www.kristekaysway.blogspot.com/ she is having some major issues on her set up, she would like a feedit and a blogroll, but she doesn't know how to do it. She's my great helper when I am stuck especially with photos. She helped me setup mine, but hers seems frozen. Thanks!

PS: I have little internet savy and only pretend like I know what I am doing!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Don't Miss the Meijer Freebie

Just a quick freebie note. Meijer's has chex mix on sale for $1 each, go to www.coupons.com for a 50 cent off coupon, which will double to $1. The coupon does say "do not double" but the self check outs automatically double! Word of caution, if you have more than 2 identical coupons you must do 2 separate transactions.