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Hi, I am from Oregon, OH also known as Oregon on the Bay, I work full time as an RN with hope to semi retire and write books on saving money. I am married to Jeff for 25 years and have 3 beautiful daughters, Jessica 25, Kara 23 and Kristie 16. My main goal is to be debt free!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Did I say Chicken? Of course under $4!

Of course everyone knows when I am not working, we are eatting. Fixing a good, thrifty nutritious meal for my family is something I enjoy and find it takes very little time. Tonight's venue? Roast chicken, potatoes and carrots. We even had a leftover dinner roll from yesterday.

It takes only about 10 mins prep, and you have to know what you want for dinner a little early, because I cook my chicken about 2-21/2 hrs. Cost breakdown:
1 whole chicken Walmart 79/lb, $3.11 on package
1lb carrots 40 cents (I buy the larger 3lb bundle pack)
5 large potatoes, 1 stalk celery 50 cents
Seasonings I use, 2 bouillion chicken cubes, garlic minced (from a jar) season salt, pepper and celery salt.
Total cost $4 for 4 adults, plus one lunch, that will be the leftover meal, then chicken salad sandwiches, great for my 3 day work stretch!
Yes Kate there would be enough for you and your mate!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4 Steak Dinners Under $5!

Here you have it, the finished product! Dinner includes steak, fresh corn on the cob, baked potatoes with all the fixins and Grand biscuits, all under $5. Of course a freebie plug to Country Bob's All purpose sauce. They are a very generous company, and hint, if you send them a real nice email, they will send you free coupons! They sent me 15! My family and friends are happy! By the way their sauce is delicious. It reminds me of Heinz 57 steak sauce, but with its own unique flavor.
Of course here's the family waiting for the main meal, steak to be done. They couldn't wait and are already into the biscuits!

Thanks Kara showing how good it was, since everythings gone. Here is how I pulled the meal off:
1lb reduced sirlon tip thin sliced from Walmart package price $2.51
4 potatoes for baking, sour cream, spray butter 50 cents for all (10lbs Aldi $2.99)
4 ears sweet corn 76 cents Kroger
Grand biscuits 63 cents (2/2.25 &$1 off/2 coupon)
Throw in 4 (8oz) glasses of milk too! Kroger $1.99 gal for 50 cents
Grand total under $5 for everything! We even have corn cobs and potatoe skins to feed the chickens.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Did you make time for these?

The true signs of spring are around. Hopefully you've had a little time to smell the tulips? I think the top picture looks just like they are out of a magazine!

But this picture tells the real story, its only spring and we have a little bit of yard work to do! You couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend in NW Ohio, in the mid 80's beautiful! Enjoy, enjoy from my little tulip patch to yours!

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Free Grilled chicken Apr 27

Participating KFC's are giving away 1 piece of grilled chicken on Apeil 27th!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can You Relate to This?

As many of you know, I am not a SAHM. I work full-time, 3 long days a week (12 hrs). I leave at 5:50 am and get home at 7:40 pm. Yesterday when I got home from work, of course "we" had a science project to work on. Very sorry, no pics, it really was hilarious. I wonder how teachers even think up these ideas?

To start with the project costed around $10. Three at the dollar store picking up items we never used, then off to Joann Fabrics for more craft items. Luckily I peeked behind the counter and found 50% off coupons for any full priced items, so of course they went along with my purchases. Funny how the clerk doesn't offer them to you.

The project? A 3D version of a chemical element on the periodic table 5-25! Since she was once of the last to decide she got Potassium. We needed 39 electron and proton "things". I can do alot of things, but I am no artists! Kristie did have it done, but it was HUGE, so we decided to scale it down a bit. Don't ask how long it took to untie pipe cleaners she twisted together. The concept kind of looks like the solar system with rings and planets, but they were protons and electrons.

At 9:30 we finally finished with our 3D version of potassium. We stapled it to a large white poster board and even had the nucleas elevated with toothpicks! Lord help me, when will I be done with science projects? Enough already! I felt I couldn't tell you about another trip I made to Kmart, and how even the store manager now recognizes me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My 85 cent Kmart Deal!

I gathered up once again my best coupons for Kmart. My total before coupons $24.41. My total after coupons? 85 cents for the tax! Here is what I got and how I did it:
Kotex pantiliner 4/$1.29 or $5.16 used 2/$1.50 off 2 coupons from coupons.com
Vaseline lotion $2.50 used $1.50 coupon found in Sunday paper
2 Dry Idea 2/$3.49 or $6.98, used 2/$2 off coupons from coupons.com
2 Good Life cat treats 2/$4 , used 2/$1 off coupons from coupons.com
Friskies cat treat $1.69, used $1 off coupon from Sunday paper
Quaker Rice treats $1.99, used $1 off coupon from Sunday paper
Hall cough drops $1.34, used $1 off coupon from Sunday paper
Grand total 85 cents for tax!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I Went To Kmart!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to Kmart yesterday, so I had to take today's leftovers at 8pm tonight after work. My grand total for this entire purchase was $8.79! This includes my $1.95 tax. I probably could have gotten a few more items for 25cents, but I am trying to keep my focus on items that I actually use. The Listerine was my biggest spend at $5.79, but I did get $4 off and I love this product. I was also able to nab the internet one day only $2 off coupons for the All Small & Mighty. Bringing their original costs from $4.79 to 79 cents each. Who can't use laundry detergent? Freebies including the Vaseline lotion, both Kotex pantiliners, the Dry Idea deorderant. Fyi if you go to the Kmart site on internet you can print out this $2 off coupon and gets your for free too! My original total before coupons was $54.70. And yes, unless your Kmart states no internet coupons they will take them!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Remember those great TGIF coupons?

Remember those great coupons for $1 entrees and 1 cent appetizers at the bar? Well, yesterday my daughter and I went there and I got a great steak dinner 10 oz at that and she got grilled shrimp and a pop, of course I got water. The waiter said they are honoring those coupons together and you can get the appetizer at the table for a penny! Our total bill came to $18.36 with tax! 2 entrees and an appetizer, truly unbelievable. Last week we went there and no appetizer was offered to us, the waiter say this was new till the end of the month. They are also doing double stripe points this month, so in 2 visits we racked up 66 points. One hundred points gets you an $8 off coupon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

BOGO Purex coupons, Meijers $2.50 sale

www.coupons.com this coupon is based on your zip code, but if your lucky enough to get it Meijers has Purex on sale this week 50oz for $2.50, this qould make out to be 100oz for $2.50, a rare deal.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marilyn makes deals

A great shppong day, however I did have to alter my plans a bit. I went to my favorite grocery store Meijers to get the V8 Fusion that was on sale 2/$5, but the didn't carry the correct flavors for my coupon. Oh , how disappointed I was! For great $2 off coupons go to www.swapsavers.com . I quickly remembered the Wal Mart cashier telling me just bring in the competetor's grocery ad and they'll honor it. So off to Wal Mart. Ad and coupons in hand (they had the right flavors) I went to the register ready for a fight. But no! They gave me the sale price! Not bad 2 juices for $1.17 with tax.
Next off to Super Dollar Tree, to get batteries for these great pics! My freindly cashier said they had a new buyer and had many different frozen food brands. I stocked up on the dollar Smart Ones pizzas. Got 3 great stuffing stuffers ( don't look girls!) Danskin no show socks 2 pack that absorb moisture. If only my brother would realize 2 prs for a buck is better than he paid, 4/$20! And yes, I didn't forget my dollar batteries.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Borders 30% off coupon


Kmart doubles and triples coupons!

I have been less than thrilled with the Kmart deals lately, however I just find out they will be doubling and tripling some coupons starting next week. Yipee! I read the Toledo and Oregon Oh were some of the stores that are going to participate in this great sale. Start saving your coupons now, or better yet go this week to scan the isles so you'll know your Kmarts best deal when the sale arrives.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Baking!

It has long been a tradition in my house to make these special cookies for Christmas and for Easter. We have always made them on Good Friday. They are a Slovak apricot cookie. While this was extremely difficult for me to do with my daughter with the recent passing of my mom, I manged to do it. I was able to tell her how we always made them today, and that it always rained on Good Friday. (of course this year it didn't, it was overcast all day) The first pic shows them ready for the the oven with their egg wash.
This pic shows my daughter rolling them out. We still use my mom's rolling pin and pastry cloth. If anyone knows where they sell pastry cloths at I am all ears. These are about a million years old.

The cookies are the most delicious kind you will ever taste. By the way, they are no means frugal to make , nor are they weight friendly. If your looking for the recipe, well...its a secret that was passed down by generations. And Katie if your out there it does have Crisco (a handful of Spry in the olden days!) God Bless this Easter season. My plans? Being a nurse I am working Sat, Sun and Mon 12 hours!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Speaking of Great Coffee Deals....

There's a great one at Dollar General this week. Country Roast Folgers, the large 34 oz size is on sale for $5. Use your $1 off Folgers coupon from the P&g coupon book and get for $4! I was able to find 2 coupons so I got 2 large coffees for $8.

This deal is very appealling to me. I am an avid coffee drinker. It is one item I just can't give up. At home or work the mug is always in my hand especially in the morning.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Is This For Real?

Ok, I got a free sample for Cottonelle toilet paper, and this is how much they sent! Is this for real? I don't think this is for half a wipe! Hope I only have to pee!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What Marilyn sees at Meijers

Since Meijers is my favorite local grocery store, I thought I would make a list of items that were on sale with coupon match-ups. This list includes favorite items and deals only, since everyone can read the specials in the ad.
I Can't Belive its not Butter Spray 3/$4 dig deep there is a .75/2 and also a .60/2 Brings price
down to .96 ea
Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough 2/$4, look for the flavors with the.35 coupon Brings price to
$1.30 ea (difficult to make from scratch at that price!)
Kraft salad dressing 3/$5 $1.66, use $1.50 coupon, now is 16 cents
Bounty paper towels $1 use .25 coupon, now .50 (I know I broke down and brought a roll)
Puff tissues 5/$5, buy 3 use .25 coupon $2.50 for 3
French's mustard $1, use .30 coupon, now .40cents
Pillsbury brownie mix 3/$5 use $1/2 now $2.34/2
Reynold's aluminium foil $3, use $1 coupon $2 (Great price since its cheaper than Aldi's brand)
Mccormick spices 30% off , use .75 coupon stack with $1 off coupon from www.meijermealbox.com

They also have many great deals on toiletries and Suave, but if you been following you know my motto, no more toiletries unless I have depleted my supply!

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Friday, April 3, 2009

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My first InBox Dollar Check

Today I received my first check from InBox Dollar. Its for $27.01. I must be honest and let you know it took 10 months to earn my first check. You cannot request a check until you earn $30. Also they take out a $2.99 "processing fee" for the check. I was going to keep letting it add up when I discovered the big $2.99 fee, but there was a mention that I would move up in status and start earning more money once I received my first check. I'll let you know. It was very easy to earn the money, just read a few emails a day, little work. I look at it as a free $27!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Home Town Buffet-Revisited!

Well, according to my last post, we would never go there again. I felt really cheated, so I decided to try to contact a main office. Searching the internet I found www.hometownbuffet.com, and told them about about experience va email.

Not only did I got a response, and let me tell you it was within 6 hrs, I received a phone call from the general manager Steve, who more than apologized and offered us 2 free buffets to try again. He meet us personally at the desk, apologized, shook my hand and checked on us during dinner to see if we were satisifed.

My review of the dinner....much better than before. He did tell me their fish did change, and that it was a corporate decision and couldn't be changed. Its now talapia. I enjoyed steak, fish and yes my hot fidge sundae!

It still only gets 2 of 5 stars, but at least the customer service has improved. Speaking of Jim ?(the store manager) I don't think he works there anymore.

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