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Hi, I am from Oregon, OH also known as Oregon on the Bay, I work full time as an RN with hope to semi retire and write books on saving money. I am married to Jeff for 25 years and have 3 beautiful daughters, Jessica 25, Kara 23 and Kristie 16. My main goal is to be debt free!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mom's Home

Well my mom made it home with me, it seems so right. I pray things really go well, and that she feels at home. Hopefully my family is able to live through this, and find it is just another journey in life.

Mom likes her room, and I am still working on setting it up. She brought home so many bags from the nursing home, I don't know if we'll ever get through all of them. I made a vow to let her go through a bag every day that I don't work. That will take about a year!

With all the stress I really didn't eat bad toay, Big bowl of the homemade veggie soup, 400 calories, pork roast 400 calories, potatoes and carrots with alittle pan juice and spray butter 300 calories, a delisicous piece of garlic bread 140, total today: 1240, maybe will have a 100 calorie snack later.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Diet? Not Me

Really, can you be on a diet forever? I really don't think so. It really has to viewed as a lifestyle change. Today I saw someone I hadn't seen in a while and they were amazed at how much weight I have lost. (remember in Jan 2007 I started out at 262!) It was just the boost I needed. I gave it a long thought and really no one can diet for 2 years, but I can change the way I eat.

My big changes over the years :
1. Use very little butter or margarine (I've switched to the spray kind, 0 calories) Has anyone
butter buds? I plan on trying those too.

2. No regular pop, and for that matter very little diet soda

3. Plenty of cold water from the tap of course!

4.Adding yogurt, low fat kind at least 5 times per week

5. Eatting veggies and trying new ones

6. Eatting light at least 4-5 times per week, so you can have a splurge or two

7. Never refusing a great dessert (just make sure its really great!)

8. Trying to imagine in my mind what a portion really is

9. Adding an activity at least 4-5 tomes per week (mine is walking)

10. Bringing my own lunch to work, save $, calories, and I'm not at the mercy of the cafeteria

Their are probably many more tricks during the year , but these seem to work best for me! Her was the menu for the day and calorie count: instant oatmeal 150 calories, whole grapefruit 100 calories, 2% string cheese 70 calories, homemade veggie soup 400 calories, South Beach 100 calorie granola bar , total : 820, of course I am saving up for breakfast out and Superbowl on Sunday.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Debt Reduction

Tightening my belt in more ways than one this weekend. Open to any and all ideas! Today was able to grab my free Maxwell House can of coffee , with the coupon that was sent to me and free Purina Cat Chow, I still have a few of the $4 coupons left and they are $4 at Walmart so therefore free. Saturday will be grocery day, I'll post all that I buy!

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Will This Day Ever End?

Wow, yesterday we had alot of snow, 10 inches reported at the Toledo airport. Of course another school snow day , that makes 6 days which is 1 day of make-up here in Ohio. As usual no snow day for me! I actually worked 16 hrs yesterday. Yep, I worked for 6:30 am to 11pm. I am whipped. However I do work at a desk all day, so my work is mental not physical. But no matter what a long day.

A little slip on the diet yesterday, but not too bad, I got going on the hard candy jar at work. Thanks to Bobbie! She is my fellow coworker and just way too nice! I did get a chance to walk about 45 min, and today I'll get exercise shovelling snow at my mom's house. I still own her home and really do plan on selling it in the spring. I will be so happy if it sells in today's economy.

Mom comes home with me on Saturday from the nursing home. I pray this works out. It will be tough , but I know we can do it. I am a nurse afterall.

You may wonder why I am working so much? This is out of my character, but with maintaing my house and my mom's (2 households) money is tight, and I really want to avoid new debt. Also my daughter was in a bad car accident Dec 5 th, and was unable to work, she is 20. Kara finally got a job last Wednesday, so this will help! Her physical therapy has a $15 copay, so thats an extra $30 a week plus gas money. Can't wait till her first check. Its funny how an extra $50 here and there really adds up. Eatting out of the freezer this week till payday (Friday)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bye Bye Bally's

Ok, I joined the Discovery channell fitness challenge, and now Bally's doesn't want to give me my free one month trial. They said my account was still "active" and the manager said it was only for new customers. The Bally pass states you can't use another pass in 6mos, mine has been 7 mos. Jan & Feb were my trial months, and I did a month to month agreement from Mar and Apr and May. I just knew they would give me trouble and that was the manger. He said he would call me tomorrow to let me know if I can use it. I'm sure I'm not the only frugal person out there who got one last year and wants to use it again. I'll update this story tomorrow.

On the light side, my daughter Jessica and I did work out. Hopefully I can move tomorrow. Menu was good today: grapefruit 100 cal , apple 100 cal, cheerios with 1% milk (measured ) 200 cal, Kraft 2% string cheese 70 cal, 1 Pills bury grand dinner roll, 190 cal, frozen brocolli, 50 cal, and spaghetti (Hunts). I tried to only have a small amount, but it probably was 2 small servings so to be safe 700 cal? total: 1510 , not a bad day!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Free Always Infinity pads from Walmart


Free Womans Day

http://www.rewardsgold.com/mags/wday_em/storage/sg_Woday_pg3s.htm This link is still good if you missed it before!

Weigh-in for Less

Well, its weigh-in Monday and yipee I am down 2 lbs for a total of 6lbs! Only 29 more to go. Its been tough, but I know I can do it.

Slimming down doesn't have to be a great expense either. I don't belong to a gym. I walk! Really I think like the banana its the most perfect exercise. Speed it up, carry some weights, cool down, just do it. I did get a 3o day pass at Bally's , for the Discovery Channel fitness program, last year it was 60 days, and I need to take advantage of that. Of course you do have to listen to their sales pitch for a couple of minutes, just once, but its worth it. Fyi this pass is no longer available.

No expense foods for me either. Breakfast is cereal or instant oatmeal, brought on sale usually for $1. Most of my granola bars, are $1 or less (sometimes free) with coupon. I look for any fruit on sale, bananas are usually the cheapest, my Wamart has had these for 38 cents a lb for the past year. I know right now I crave the ruby red grapefruit, but Meijer's has had it on sale $2.50 for 5 lbs. Of course you know I weigh the bags so I get the most fruit for my money. Dinner is usually homemade if I am home or leftovers if I am working. Yes I do by the frozen dinners just in case there are no leftovers. With a coupon they usually cost around $1, which is less than what I would pay at my local cafeteria.

My favorite beverage is WATER, out of the tap. Whlie I on occasion I will have a diet pop, water is usually my first choice. Somehow at a restaurant I just can't see $2 in a pop. My bad habit is coffee, which I always make at home. I figure it cost less than 10 cents per pot, and I am worth that.

I have a variety of clothing and yes, like most a variety of sizes. I really couldn't part with my "fat pants" in the picture, somehow they touch my sole and give me encouragement. I buy most of my clothes at garage sales or rummage sales, once in a while I go to Savers which is a thirft store that sells quality used clothing at a small price.

Any more great ideas? Feel free to leave a commet or two!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mom's Best Banana Bread

I have the best banana bread recipe, from my mom. Its great, frugal, most items are in your pantry and a good way to get rid of your rotten bananas! (Iknow you have them too!)

2-3 over ripe bananas
1/4 stick margarine
1 cup sugar
2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs
1/4 cup sour milk (can make with milk and vinegar combined)

Mash bananas with fork in separate bowl and set aside. Melt butter in microwave, add sugar and eggs. Gradually add dry ingredients,. Once mixed(it will be dry) alternately add the sour milk combo and bananas. I do this about 3 times till gone. Pour into greased loaf pan and bake 50 min on 300-350. Comes out moist and delicious! Thanks mom (Dorothy)

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Things I've received for free

Gee, really little to find in the freebie world today, so I thought I would give you a look at the items I have received for free this month.

Magazines, yes all of these are free subscriptions I reeive, plus I could get more but I can only read so many! US Reports, Forbes, Working Mother, Family Fun, Cosmopolitan, Self, Shape, Prevention, More, TV Guide, and still to come but have not received yet: Weight Watchers, Woman's Day, Allure and Lucky, These are free without a dime out of my pocket!

Books: Retirement for Dummies and Mentor: The Kid and the CEO

Freebies/Samples: Tea, coffee sample, crest toothpaste, lots of free cat food coupons from Purina, free underwear from Victoria Secret, shampoo and conditioner, tote bag, free Del Monte fruit cup, free Kashi bar (coupon for a whole pack)

This is just a small account of the freebies!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Glimpse of me and my fat pants!

Yeah this is me today holding up my once size 26-28 pants that were tight!

A Mind Set

Ok it took me a few days, but really I am ready for this weight loss. As I have said earlier I am not new to the weight loss game. To be honest Jan 2nd 2006 I weighed 262 lbs! My weight I felt most comfortable at was between 165-170lbs. I maintained that weight for 1 1/2 years. In the past six months 30 lbs crept back on. Ok I'll be honest and really give it to ya, I can admit it this year on Jan 2nd I weighed 198.

I feel it really is a mind set. Do it for yourself and only yourself! Its funny but the song by Fergie always goes thru my head when I am having hard times with weight and life. The phrase I like is" Ihope you know, I hope you know, its got nothing to do with you, its personal myself and I, I've got some straightening out to do" I know its weird but sometimes I sing this in my head.

Now with all that said, my eatting was good today: bowl of cheerios (measured with milk) 200 cal, i ruby red grapefriut (everyone know I'm weird I sometimes crave these) 100 cal, ok I had about 3 bites of my mom's lunch, 100 cal, dinner roast chicken cooked with potatoes and carrots and a large salad with lite dressing, I'm guessing about 700 cal, it was dinner, and was really good. By the way you can't get much more frugal than that the price on my chiken at Walmart was $3.23, baby carrots 50 cent, potatoes free they were given to me, salad, seasonings ect about 50 cents total for dinner $4 , feed 4 with leftovers for my lunch, so 5 dinners for 80 cents each. You just can't beat that.

Free Working Mother Magazine

http://www.rewardsgold.com/mags/wm/sg_womother_pg2z.htm Ansewr a few survey questions

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Dawn Hall cookbooks

I just have to do a plug for a wonderful person, Dawn Hall. She is the author of many cookbooks, most being low cal and lowfat! Her newest is : Busy Peoples Super Simple 30-Minute Menus, I have to tell you the book is great. Simple easy and low fat. To see her books on line go to : www.dawnhallcookbooks.com . We can watch her cooking show twice a week on WLMB it is a Christian channel, but there are nonrelated shows as well. This book is her NEW RELEASE!

I have to let ya know, my 14 yr Kristie was emailing her telling her how much she loved her show and cookbooks, well wouldn't you know she mailed her one for free. She has a great heart and truly a christian attutude, so if you get a chance check out her site.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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Free diet and Nutrion Magazine

http://www.todaysdietandnutrition.com/subscribe.shtml the promo code is INAUG09 it must be in all caps! Hurry it expires Jan 24th

Free Crest Whitestrips

http://instoresnow.walmart.com/enhancedrendercontent_ektid65100.aspx If you've never used white strips before you'll be in for treat. I actually asked for and got a box for Christmas, I am using them right now.

A Very Long Day

Wow, what a long day, I worked 15 hrs today. Its very long at a desk! Todays menu was great since I packed. It has to be good today, because not only did I have candy yesterday, we went out for all you can eat tacos (I know some of you can relate, I had 7!) and I had 2 margeritas. So back on track today: Breakfast, banana (100 cal) and instant oatmeal pack snack(150): Activa yogurt(70) and 100calorie microwave popcorn dinner, Healthy choice bowl (300 cal) snack(Quaker Oat granola low fat bar (90) total: 810 calories I know its small but I had to make up for the 4000calorie splurge!

Hey, another good thing, I was able to walk 40 minutes on my lunch, so I am getting some exercise too! We'll see how good I do tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free Mini Football for Superbowl


The Weigh-in

Sorry about lack of post yesterday, no internet again! Oh how I love Time Warner! Well yesterday was weigh-in day, and good news I lost 3 more pounds for a toatal of 4lbs. I am very happy. Not a good day so far, my lovely mother gave me 3 pieces of Lindt chocolate candy and of course I promptly ate them.

On a better note, I have been walking on my treadmill 30 min a day, or walking on my lunch for 30 mins. I feel those pounds melting off! Ha!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free Baby Phat fragrance sample


Another free Nutrish dog food sample

http://switchtonutrish.com/index.php This is a new link so if you ordered a free sample before you will get another

Internet Frenzy

Sorry about lack of post yesterday, but our internet was down, and I had to work 12 hrs. We have Time Warner and they are not very reliable! We have no other choice of cable or internet other than dial up!

I've been doing the treadmill at least every other day, and of course with today being Sunday, I had my big brunch out! Well we'll see what the big weigh-in says tomorrow. Overall I really am not doing too bad.

Will scan the Meijer ad to see what good deals if any there are later tonight.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Well, its Friday

How can it get any colder? My thermometer said -11.9 this morning, all of the schools are closed. Gee another 4 day weekend for the kids. Worried my daughter is travelling in this weather to Delware, by Columbus to see her boyfriend, I told her be careful and dress warm!

Trying to make it to the treadmill today, but have been alittle busy. Oops and boxed mac and cheese for lunch, will do better for supper. Made it to Meijers again today, I almost missed the Green Giant free streamers (after 50 cent double coupons!).

I am planning on bringing my mom home from the nursing home to live with us on Jan 31 st Saturday, I hope this works out. In my heart I just can't leave her there, and my family seems to understand.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wow a Treadmill!

Whoa, guess I forgot how hard a treadmill was to do ! I waked 1/2 hr this morning, and yes I was dying. The calorie counter did reach 200 calories, so once again I am thinking about how much exercise I must do for a lowly 200 calories. It makes me think twice about every bite!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Working Wednesday

Well, I had a pretty good eatting day today. Breakfast instant oatmeal 150 calories, Fiber bar 120 cals, Lunch Lite yogurt, 80 cal, low fat string cheese 50 cal, 1 cup grapes 100cal, dinner, bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup 500 cal, 1 cup asparagus, 50 cal, and a cookie 150 cal (I know, but when I came home from work the girls baked, but I only had 1!) Total: 1200 calories.

I also walked at work a total of 45min, over 2 miles, and guess what? The hubby moved things around so I can restart my treadmill! OK now no more excuses!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great Meijer Deals

4 Packs Betty Crocker instant mashed potatoes 89 cents each, 4/40 cent internet coupons, they
say do not couble , but self checkouts automatically double, 4x9, 36 cents
4 Betty Crocker Augratin potatoe boxes, $1 each, 4/35 cent coupons, $1.20
1Pillsbury Grand biscuits, $1, 1/25 cents coupon, 50 cents
1 Pillsbury crescent $1.50, 1/35 cent non doubling internet, doubles, 80 cents
2 betty Crocker ready to spread frostings, $1.33 each, 2/50 cent coupons 66 cents
2 Chex Mix, $1 each, 2/50 cent off coupons, Free
2 Tortino pizza roll boxes, $1 each, 2/$1 off internet coupons, Free
1 Skippy Peanutbutter, $1.34, 1/40 coupon, 54 cents
1 Danactive yogurt, $2, 1/$1 off coupon, $1
1 Betty Crocker cake mix, $1
1 pascal of celery, $1
1 lb mini carrots, $1
1 Can Brookes chili beans 32 oz, free, (buy 10 $1 items get 11th free)
1 Kraft string cheese, $3, 1/$1 off coupon, $2
All for alittle over $10, grocery shopping just keeps getting easier!

Monday, January 12, 2009

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The Weigh-in

Well, I was hoping to have a little better news to tell, but I only lost one pound! However, I am confident this is a start, and my friends at work have been so encouraging, I know I can do it! I even walked for 45min on my lunch today, it was at a "clip". I probably walkd at least 2 miles, which was very encouraging. I also ate good today. Yogurt, lit & fit 80 cal, granola bar (high fiber) 120 cal, i cup grapes 100, bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup, I'm guessing 500 cal? lots of water and a banana 100 for a total of: 1000 caloris. I know we ar all in this together.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

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I Can't tell Lies

Ok, I have to admit it, I did have soup and rolls yesterday, however, that is not the end of it! It was really a bad eatting day for me. I hang my head in shame, I was out of control yesterday. I know I'll blame it on being stuck in! Lets just put it this way I had 3 Sweet and Salty granola bars and... do I really need to go on?

Well I did my usual today, big Sunday brunch! Tomorrow its back on track, and back to work! Thank God! I'll be back in control. Now can you see why I try to keep the calorie count down during the week? Also it is weigh-in Monday. I'll post when I get home from work.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snowy Saturday

What to do when there is nothing to do but housework? Do to all of the snow, we are stuck in today! My country roads are drifted over and its pointless to go out. Dinner tonight? No worry homemade chicken noodle soup. If you know me you'll know we always have the basics at home. Tonight I can feed at least 6 with leftovers for about $3. How?

Chicken soup: 5 chicken thighs, brought leg quarters on sale last month for $3.50 for 10lbs, we brought 40 lbs and with a little elbow grease cut them up and froze them as legs and thighs, toal cost for 5 thighs $1. Celery, carrots and potatoes are a staple for me, heck a neighbor even gave me a 5lb bag of potatoes she couldn't use , so about 50 cents for all of these. I add 5 chicken bouillon cubes to pot and let it boil then bring down to a simmer. After about 1 1/2 hr I remove chicken, debone, and boil my noodles in a separate pot. I even used expensive kuluski noodles for this one brought on sale for $1.50/lb. When noodles are done, I put everything together. I addd some Grand Pillsbury rolls brought on sale with coupon for 50 cents.

Really its hard to beat a soup and bread night on a snowy day!

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Fab Friday

Ok so not really! No great freebies today, and work was really busy, so I really had to work all day. Tweleve hours are long at a desk all day. I did get to walk about 30 min today. My walk was cut short because I had to get some paperwork notarized from my daughter's car accident at the credit union. Other than that, I ate really good today, only about 1000calories. The menu: Breakfast instant oatmeal and a banana 250 cal, lunch, sante fe lean cuisine 290cal, snack, lite & fit yogurt 80 cal, 1 bag pretzels, 130 cal, and a granola bar 150, grand total: 900 cal. Tomorrow is Sat I'll have a little splurge and of course this Sunday is brunch out!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Free Cream of Wheat sample


Another Day

Busy, busy busy! Did morning errands with my baby (she' 14) School was cancelled due to weathr, really I didn't think it needed to be, and I liv in the country. Ran to Aldi's , I get my water softener salt there, 40 lbs for $3.99, its the best deal in town. I usually purchase 5 bags about every 5 wks. Much cheaper than the Culligan Man! Also went to Walmart to get a few new school supplies for Kristie. Its a new semester, and another bag of free Purina cat food, with my $4 off coupon, the bag is $4 so free. I ordered a new pack of contact lenses for her.

Also went to visit my mom she is at a nursing home. I've asked her to come live with me but I know she is afraid and doesn't want to be a buden. I find it really hard to visit as much as I would like so I think it would be easier for all of us if she lives here.

The food menu today : 2 pieces of Aunt Millie cinnamon toast 200 cal, of course lots of coffe with milk, lunch 2 pieces whole grain double fiber bread 180 cal, 2 pieces lean rost beef with lettuce, no dressing, 120, snack 20 pretzels 50 cal, dinner, 6 oz pork steak with my own mushroom soup gravy, 450 cal, mashed potatoes (no butter) 200 cal, brocolli 50 cal, snack green tea and a granola bar 150 cal Grand total: 1420 calories, hope to walk at least 40 min on my lunch tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yeah...I know the fried chicken

I know, many of my friends ask..."really fried chicken?" Remember I am no amateur to the weight loss game. I always vowed to eat what my family eats especially for dinner. So here is what I had today, of course I follow the kiss theory (keep it simple stupid)

Unfortunately no breakfast today, my daughter Kara had her wisdon teeth pulled today and her surgry was at 9am, we had to be there by 8:45. Only coffeee with milk.

Back home by 10:45, gee too late for breakfast, so at 11:30 I had a sandwich, consisted of 2 pieces whole grain double fiber bread, 180 cal, 2 pieces lean deli roast beef 120 cal, lettuce. free? no dressing, 300 calores

Snack: 3pm banana 100 cal

Dinner, 1 fried chicken breast, yes, I hang my head in shame I ate most of the skin(Breading) I guess 500 cal, 1/2 pack, Knorr garlic shells, I cut down on the butter, the pack states when prepared as directed 330 per serving (serves 2) so, I figure 300 cal, 1/2 pack of Green Giant low fat califlower in cheese suace 75calories (states 3 servings I at 1/2 pack)

7pm: Green ta, 2cups (o calories)

9:30: pretzels, measured to make 100 calories

I guess 1400 calories is a reasonable amount on a stressful day. Of course I try to consum large amounts of water!

Keeping it under $20

Once again another great Meijer's trip! For best savings use the self checkout, and do a few separate transactions.
First transaction:
4 cans Campbells chicken noodle soup, 60 cents, 4/$2.40 $1 off from Meijer mealbox $1.40
1 pk Betty Crocker flavored mashed potatoes 89 cents , 40 cent coupon (from internet, states do not double, but will at self checkout 9 cents
Repeat above (Mealbox states 1 coupon per transaction!)
4 cans Campbell's chicken noodle $1.40
1 pk Betty Crocker potatoes 9 cents
Reduces Meijer already made fried chicken, 8 pieces for $3.50 (dinner tonight)
2 electrasol 25 bonus gel pacs $6, 2/$2.50 coupons $1
1 pk Quick $ Easy frozen Pierogi's $2.72, free after catalina coupon
2 healthy Choice frozen dinners $1.83 ($3.66) 2/$1 coupons $1.66
Fiber Plus granola bars $2 1/75 cent coupon $1.25
3 lg boxes Kleenex $3.75 1/$1 $2.75
1 small box Kleenex with lotion $1.25 1/40 off 45 cents
2 cans Campbell's Select Harvet 2/$1.25 ($2.50) 1/$1 off from Mealbox $1.50
Grand Total: $14.99 before tax!
It includes dinner for tonight, at least 4 work lunches, snacks, clean dishes and clean noses!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Again

Off to another great start! I feel really energized this year. I feel the weight melting off (Ha, Ha). I planned my meals well at work today and was able to take a 45 min walk. Wondering what I ate? 2 pieces of Aunt Millie's cinnamon toast , dry, 1 banana, 1 yogurt lit and fit, turkey sandwich made with 3 thin slices of turkey, 2 pieces double fiber bread, lettuce, of course dry, lemon tea, some roast chicken I had leftover, and of course 6 bottles of water, not to mention my usual pot of coffee.

Free 30 day Bally Pass

http://health.discovery.com/national-body-challenge/national-body-challenge.html I did this last year, it was 8 weeks last year, one month this year!

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Free Organic cereal

http://barbarassamples.com/, click on post

Free Wondertime Magazine

http://www.rewardsgold.com/mags/wondertime_em/sg_wonder_pg2s.htm, states 2 year free subscription

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Sunday Eatting

Well, yes I did have that 1000 calorie breakfast! 3 basted eggs, hashbrowns, 2 slices toast (no butter, but jelly) 3 pieces of bacon. Yummy! Will finish off tonight, with a small piece of lean roast beef, potatoes, carrots, and salad. Trying to keep it to about 600 calories here, lots of carrots! Back to work tomorrow, working 12 hrs I'll plan for the food tonight.

Electralsol Coupon

Don't miss out the great sale at Meijer's. Electrasol gel pacs on sale for $3 , $2.50 off coupon in Smart Source. Also Campbell's soup 60 cents/can, coupon in Smart source for 40 cents/off 4, brings it down to 40 cants a can.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Great shopping day

Got my Ben &Jerry's at Walmart today was $3.28 each, paid 56 cents for 2, what yummy flavors. I am wondering how I can fit this into the diet? Ha! I did get bananas there too, they always have the bst price 38 cents/lb. While I'm on bananas, I think they are possibly the best food choice. 100 calories, sweet, big and full of potassium. What could be better?

Friday, January 2, 2009

First Day Done!

Besides having a big fat cold, and plumbing problems at my mother's house, I did survive the first day of the life style change. (Yes, I really don't like to call it a diet!) My menu easy since I work 12hr shifts, and thanks to the cold I really wasn't hungry.
Breakfast I had shredded wheat 24 squares, yes I counted them (200 calories) and Activa light (70 cal) . A little Debbie 100 cal snack (100 cal) 1 can Campbells Harvet Select chicken noodle soup (240) A small bag of pretzels (130) and a bowl of Cheerios with 1/2 cup milk (200) Grand total of caloreis 940!
Be aware I am saving calories for my big breakfast out on Sunday!

I was able to walk on my lunch for about 40 minutes, all in all not a bad day.

Any ideas? While I started my diet today , I plan to weogh in on Mondays starting the the 12th.

Great drink coupon from Borders

http://www.seattlesbest.com/media/special/SBC_buy1_get1.pdf, they can make these lowfat if you ask!

Working Mother Magazine, Free

http://www.rewardsgold.com/mags/wm/sg_womother_pg1.htm A small survey will get you this

The Start

Ok, its the big day and honestly it wasn't as bad as I thought. After not stepping on the scale since Oct, (and I'd had already gained a hefty 10lbs by then!) I have gained 30 lbs from my lowest weight. I wanted to lose 40lbs, but I am readjusting to 35lbs, this will be 5lbs lower than before. I think it is a reasonable weight, I know I will never be skinny! Lunch is all packed, I am planning on doing 1200 to 1500 calories on my good days, which I know need to be at least 4 to 5 days a week. Walking starts today! Really I think you need to do some sort of exercise so you can eat more! Walking was the only exercise I could do at my heaviest, which was past 250lbs!

Good luck we can do this together! Feel free to add you comments or email me @mjjaegly@yahoo.com, I'll even post your blog! I really want to fit back into my shorts this summer. If your starting on Monday drop me line, no one has to do this alone. We will be the Can Do Group!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New yar to all, hope we all enjoy our favorite foods today, we diet tomorrow!

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