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Hi, I am from Oregon, OH also known as Oregon on the Bay, I work full time as an RN with hope to semi retire and write books on saving money. I am married to Jeff for 25 years and have 3 beautiful daughters, Jessica 25, Kara 23 and Kristie 16. My main goal is to be debt free!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This is Blogging?

Boy I can remember when blogging was fun and not everything was about money. Truly, I remember the days when it was fun to just post a few great deals that I got, and few that never worked. Yes, were have all been stung by a few of those deal scenerios!

How fun it is to get caught up in the internet world, I guess some people live by it. I've been rather busy lately trying to figure out my life and where do I go from here. To people who are not so bloggy savy, there is a lot of information out there where you think you will make millions. Trust me, I am happy to get a free coupon every now and then. I applaud the websites that make their income online. Someday I too would love a lesson from you. I am not an Extreme couponer, just a good couponer, who lately has fed myself and daughter on about $100 a month. Trust me I get very good at picking up the deals.

My advise for the novice? Look around and find yourself a few of those great freebies and be sure to share them with others. I always try to share my deals with my readers, because who doesn't love a freebie? 

As with life, times changes and so do companies. Look around many companies will sponsor a give-away, and provide you with a product or coupon, but rarely will you be paid. Personally, I love this kind a deal, its good for me and great for my readers. 

Any great success at blogging? Please feel free to share....

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Free Bold Coffee at Bob Evans No Purchase Necessary

Wow, here's another great coupon from Bob Evans and it can even be carry-out! Head over to Here for your coupon. Offer valid 6/20 to 7/12.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Smokey Bones $10 Off $25 Coupon

Head over to Here to get your coupon for $10 off a $25 purchase at Smokey Bones. Hurry coupon expires June 2nd.

Time for a Spring Cleaning?

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Looking for a specific area? Atlanta Hotel Supply will service the Georgia area and they even supply Hotel Bar Supplies .  Many companies try to stay within there state and what could be better than a company that will work with you. They have been building relationships with companies for over 30 years and can anticipate your needs.

No matter what your business they have something to offer, whether you're managing a hotel, restaurant or catering business supplies are a must. Nothing is more frustrating in a business than no supplies. Make spring cleaning a snap and check all of the supplies and services offered.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lane Bryant $50 off $100 On Line Today Only

Battenberg Lace Trim Tank\\

Lane Bryant has a great on line deal for Wednesday only take $50 off any on line purchase! Use SAVE2DAYLB at check out.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Smokey Bones $5 Off a $15 Purchase

Smokey Bones has another great coupon $5 off a $15 purchase now through May 26th. Head over to Here to get your coupon.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thanks Papa John's for the Tuesday Special!

A great deal from Papa John's today only get a large cheese or one topping pizza for $4.99! Order on line with code:499TD pick-up only!